Most Common Objects Left Behind In Hotel Rooms
Most Common Objects Left Behind In Hotel Rooms
Most Common Objects Left Behind In Hotel Rooms
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Top 5 Most Common Objects Left Behind In Hotel Rooms

04 Aug 2019

Have you ever checked out of your hotel room, driven or flown home, unpacked your suitcase and hand luggage and then realised – you’ve left something behind! Don’t worry, you’re not alone as more than half of travellers staying in hotels every year will leave a personal item in their room.

Although most of us will do a quick once-over of our room before leaving, it is not that uncommon to miss something. Whether preoccupied with work on a business trip, truly relaxed after a holiday in the sun, or frantically packing while looking after the kids on a family weekend away, hotel guests at Premier Inn Hotels in the Middle East  often leave their room without taking everything home that they arrived with.

Here’s a roundup of the 5 most common items to be found by our housekeeping teams after check-out – and our top tips to ensure that you don’t add to the list!

Laptop and phone chargers

It’s easy to see why these essential gadgets are all too often forgotten and left plugged into the hotel room wall socket. You’ll leave with your phone or laptop fully charged and only remember the charger when you’re out of power!

Top tip: Every time you finish charging your phone or laptop, unplug the charger and leave it in a visible place on the room desk or coffee table. Also, write a reminder on a Post-it note before you leave home, which you can stick on the back of the hotel room door.


Whether you’ve packed travel-size toiletries, or your favourite designer shampoo and conditioner, it’s a common mistake to leave them in the shower cubicle, mixed up with the hotel’s complimentary toiletries, or hidden under a towel.

Top tip: Pack your soap, shampoo and toothbrush in a toiletries bag with a hook that you can hang over the back of the bathroom door and it will be easier to spot. Try to keep them all together rather than spreading them across the hotel room and bathroom – and always do one last check of the shower and bath before leaving.


One of the first things you’ll do when unpacking is to hang up that business suit or evening gown, arrange your socks and underwear in a drawer, or stow away shoes – yet one of the last things you’ll remember to do before leaving is to check the wardrobe.

Top tip: Always look behind every door, on every hook, shake out those bedsheets, and even check under the bed before wheeling that case out of the room.


Safes are an important in-room facility that you’ll find at hotels including the Premier Inn.. But although they give you a secure place to store passports, wallets, jewellery and other valuables, they are typically hidden away in the wardrobe, out of sight and out of mind!

Top tip: Whether it’s 4am or one hour past check-out time, always double-check the safe. Sticking another bright Post-it note on a closed safe door can help to remind you that you have left something in there.

Glasses and keys

You use them every day but when they’re not on your head, glasses can be the most easily forgotten item. Also, keys for the car, house and luggage are easily misplaced as they are small, and not needed throughout your holiday or business trip. All these items can fall behind hotel beds, desks, curtains and sofa cushions and get left behind.

Top tip: Pack away all keys in a zipped pocket of your luggage as soon as you leave home or arrive in your hotel room as there’s no need for them to be unpacked. And, to avoid eyeglasses and sunglasses being lost, always return them to a case left on the desk or coffee table when you’re not wearing them.